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Dave Farrow/Robin Chittenden/Isoperla ‘BirdSongID’ App. for Iphone, featuring over 70 species of British Birds with sound recordings by Dave Farrow & photos by Robin Chittenden

Dave Farrow’s BirdSongId – iPhone App store

or at

Isoperla’s BirdSongId iPhone App

Xeno-canto Asia  Here you can find sounds of most bird species. I have a few hundred recordings posted on this site 🙂

Kumiko Farrow’s Japanese Interior Design  The best Japanese Interior Designer for hundreds of miles, surely!

Birdquest  The best way to go birding!

Oriental Bird Images  A large collection of Bird photos from the Oriental region

The last voyage of MV Lady Chilel Jawara: 7th December 1984 – my first-hand account of a ‘boating mishap’.

Wild ventures   The site of Ramki Sreenivasan, who took the photo of Gould’s Shortwing that I borrowed for my logo.Some great photographs here

Birdline East Anglia  Robin Chittenden’s local wildlife news site

Punkbirder  Good for what ails yer!