Monthly Archives: March 2012

Larry the Leopard: Kaeng Krachan

Leopard, eh?   An awesome encounter, with one that crossed the road in front of our car, pausing at the roadside then scuttling up the bank, only to sit down and look at us from c.10m away! This picture was … Continued

Bay Owl – bogey bird no more!

Everyone needs a bogey-bird – one that frustrates you through multiple misses and failed pursuits, so much that it begins to become something of a joke among peers who have had no such difficulty in seeing the bird. Mine was … Continued

Thailand: A short ‘holiday’ in the jungle.

A late decision short holiday to Kaeng Krachan forĀ 9 days with a couple of days on the Petchaburi coast – some much needed jungle time. Highlights – three sightings of Leopard, Oriental Bay Owl ( – my bogey-bird, finally laid … Continued