Shortwing Services

The main feature of the site is a sound library with a collection of recordings of over 750 species of 63 families from 28 countries. The bulk of material comes from India, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan,
Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Thailand and the UK.

All my recordings are on audio-cassette tape, however I am gradually transferring

my entire collection onto computer and into a digital format. My intention is to keep adding and replacing recordings, with an emphasis on producing top quality recordings. Many of best recordings are lengthy and indulgent, which is why at
present I have no plan to make them directly available from the website in a truncated and compressed format. Most of the recordings listed in my catalogue are available, on audio-cassette and CD.

Rates per species:

  • Group A: £2.50
  • Group B: £5.00
  • Group C: £10.00

Minimum order £10.00, post & packing per tape/CD £3.00. Overseas postage rates may differ depending on your location.

Discounts are available for quantity purchases. Contact me for further details.

Institutions and non-profit organisations: Contact
me for further details.

Professional Users: Contact me for
further details.

I also can offer recordings made by other field-recordists. If there is something you are looking for that you can’t find, contact
me as I may have access to the recording that you are seeking.

In addition to the sound library, you have the chance to see trip
reports and photos taken on recent trips. Almost all of the photos are taken with an Olympus Mju II (£60 from Dubai duty free shop!), through a Swarovski AT80 telescope using a home-made adapter, created out of a ‘Boots’ earplug container.

Many of these photos can be seen in the online photo gallery.

Prepare to be amazed!