Larry the Leopard: Kaeng Krachan

Leopard, eh?


An awesome encounter, with one that crossed the road in front of our car, pausing at the roadside then scuttling up the bank, only to sit down and look at us from c.10m away! This picture was taken by me using Helen’s camera, after some expert yogic contortion through the car window. She remained in situ for 10 minutes or more before we moved and so did she. Stunning views indeed, then the following morning Keith and Helen saw another along the road. In the evening we tried to see Ferruginous Wood Partridge at this exact place, and when we had walked away, she obviously had been watching us, moved back in to her place at the roadside. As we drove past again we nearly ran her over, Reg letting out a yelp as she was within inches of the car, scuttling away up the same bank! She didn’t stay this time, but as we drove in pre-dawn the next day, there she was walking along the roadside! Four sightings in four days! Outrageous! In eight visits in 14 years, this is my first Cat encounter at Kaeng Krachan, clearly due to the large dollop of good luck provided by Klangers & Helen, who seemed to attract mammals like storm-petrels to chum, on this their first visit to Kaeng Krachan!

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